Our services

At Defy Business, we guide you from end to end in the process of empowering your company for new challenges.


Discovery sessions

Meetings to understand the potential of technology and the use cases that are taking place in your industry to begin to detect opportunities.

  • Analysis of competitors and trends

  • Case studies


Talks and classes

Classes designed to train and adapt to specific areas of the latest technological developments.

  • Optimization of processes

  • Understanding the regulatory framework

  • Risk analysis


Design Thinking

The design of solutions focused on stakeholders applying new technologies Creation, selection, and development of ideas in an iterative cycle for the generation of added value.


Filtering and selection of the appropriate suppliers in project management and post-implementation monitoring to guarantee efficiency and success in the adoption of technological solutions



Update and market analysis on regulation and new technological tools on demand in blockchain, cybersecurity, and AI to detect risks and opportunities with better information.

Legal and tax advice

Specific solutions to the regulatory framework are needed to navigate Web3 in compliance.

  • Corporate structure

  • Contracts

  • Taxes

  • Token sales

  • NFTs and intellectual property

Your company can also be part of this transformation